Blue water sail boat

Characteristics of a boat suitable for oceanic navigation
The hull must be strong to ensure safety. Sailing in the high sea can happen to bump a log or other floating debris, so can happen to bump the seabed sailing in places where charts are not so detailed or reliable. Not least the knowledge of having a robust and secure boat is what gives serenity even on the worst storms. ( Are important the materials used, the way the keel is fixed to the hull, the link between hull and deck must be integral). See The hull e The appendix.

Great stability of shape and weight, allow to have an higher control at the helm and allow to less frequent sail reduction. Especially on long sailing a more stable boat helps to light the work of autopilot with less energy consumption and less wearing of the ecquipment. in addition the shape of the hull associated with two rudder let the boat be more safe especialy in downwind sailing in high following seas. See Stability.

The boat has to be fast and have excellent performance with any condition of the sea and wind conditions. Think about do a crossing in half the time or reach a distant anchor in a daysail instead of sailing in the nigth not least to use less the engine!! But speed doesn’t mean only shorten distances but also increase security.

All running rigging must be simple and easy to use in a way that is possible to sail alone or in couple. Sail plan that suits all winds. See Sail plan.

Mast and sails must be strong to withstand the wear due to intense usage.

Wide cockpit to allow you to host a large crew in navigation or turn into a terrace on the sea during stops in bay or in ports in convivial moments with friends and relax in the Sun.

Functional and comfortable Interiors to enable a pleasant life also below deck. Spacious bright and ventilated (numerous hatches and portholes ). Convenience for the chart table and the kitchen which must be used at any pace. See The interiors.

The technical solutions chosen for installations and equipment must be designed to withstand the intense and frequent use, must be practical and easy to maintain in order to fix some malfunction or to adapt to new requirements. (Highest quality comportment used, cables and pipes accessible for maintenance).