Self construction support

Costruzione barca vela

The advantages offered by self-build their own boat are to reduce the total cost, but mainly to gain total mastery of every detail of construction , a faculty that will be useful for the subsequent maintenance of the boat especially if you intend to navigate in places where it will be necessary to provide independently for every repair .

Costruzione paratie interne Walkabout 43

Marine plywood and epoxy

It ‘s the building method simpler, faster and cheaper. The hull is  multi-chine and is strong and lightweight. The drawback of this type are building is the low acoustic and thermal insulation.

Sandwich marine plywood

Is the system of construction that we used to build the Walkabout 43 . The hull is multi- chine and is strong and lightweight and has an excellent sound and thermal insulation . The construction is longer and in some phases (for example, to glue the PVC core) requires the use of techniques based on the use of the vacuum.

Sandiwch composite

This system allows you to build a very strong and light hull with round bottom with a single chine and an excellent acoustic and thermal insulation . The hull and reinforcements are made of sandwich made from e-glass multiaxial fabrics -PVC- e-glass multiaxial fabrics all laminated and glued with epoxy resin under vacuum.

To people that want to self-build our boat we provide a 360° service: the choice of the project , evaluation of the budget,  assistance during construction , certification.

In detail, our service includes:

  • Discussion of the project requirements
  • Supply of custom design. Customizations include, among others : the interior layout , deck , cockpit , draft, etc.
  •  delivery of :
    • Budget costs
    • Bill of materials to be purchased
    • Support for requesting quotes from suppliers
    • File for the numerically controlled cutting of materials
    • 2 rudders complete with bushings
    • assistance alignment and positioning of the rudder bushings
    • keel
    • Support for the alignment and positioning of the keel
    • Deckhouse made ​​with the mold in our possession
    • Electrical and plumbing system project
    • Schema of electronic instruments
    • Assistance for obtaining the CE certification of the boat

In addition, we can provide a constant assistance during construction by e-mail or skype, with periodic visits to the construction site and direct participation in the  the most critical stages of building ( lamination of the hull, deck , keel alignment , rudder bushings , etc) .
Finally, we can rent the equipment required for some phases of construction (for example, the vacuum pump for lamination ) .

Rotazione scafo Walkabout 43

Contact us to discuss your project and get an idea of costs.