The numerous requests for information and advice about sailing the high seas and the desire to allow others people to live the wonderful experiences of around the world cruising, have pushed Lorenzo Leonello and Annalisa De Cesare to found a boatyard for the construction of sailboats suited to sailing the high seas.

A challenging goal, which has found support in the technical skills of French designer David Reard. Born from the pencil (or rather from CAD) by David Reard, Walkabout 43, is robust and secure, she is a boat capable of ensuring tranquility during the more difficult navigation.

Sandwich construction with epoxy ensures both strength and light displacement. Light displacement and innovative water lines inspired by oceanic regatta boats give excellent performances with any condition of the sea and wind as those which reserve long oceans cruising. Think about do an ocean crossing in half the time!!

But speed doesn’t mean only shorten distances but also increasing security. The great stability which give the shapes allows not only to increase the power but also to require less frequent changes of sails or reductions than the standard production boats. Stability combined with the simplicity of maneuvers allow to sail the boat alone or in couple.

The large beam and the sleek design of the deckhouse stretched towards the bow offers the habitability of boats of larger sizes.

Spacious interiors designed for comfort and convenience of life on board. Great attention not just looking for the functionality, but also to the aesthetics of furniture that doesn’t save precious woods. Porthole and hatches are chosen with security in mind in navigation and to life on board in the tropics where you need a good ventilation.

Pleasant life inside, but especially outside where a wide cockpit allows you to host a large crew and transform into a terrace on the sea during stops in anchorage or marina for convivial moments with friends and relax in the Sun.

The technical solutions chosen for the systems and equipment are the best that the market can offer to withstand the intense use that a life aboard can reserve.

Realized in compliance with EC rules of category A.

For any information on the construction of the boat, you can come to visit us.