Blue water course

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The courses respect regular charter cruises provides longer and more challenging sailing. However, are not excluded relax in the remotest bays or little harbors with the classics greek restaurants on the pier.

We plan two levels of course: coastal and offshore. The coastal course has less demanding sailing and is also suitable for those with no sailing experience but whom want to learn, while the offshore course provides most demanding navigation and is suitable for those who already have some sailing experience and the desire to consolidate it before venturing into long voyages by themselves.

Every day, before, during and after the sailings are planned informal short courses and practical demonstrations on the following topics:

  • Analysis of the weather situation
  • Route planning with software tools
  • Equipment on board
  • Management onboard systems (electrical, plumbing, electronic)
  • Using Radar
  • Safety
  • Sailing maneuvers (reefing, tacking, gybing, gennaker handling)
  • Anchorings and moorings
  • Engine maintenance
  • Life on board ( fishing, preparation and storage of food, etc …)

In addition, we provide our experience, accumulated in a trip around the world, the construction of two boats and thousands of miles traveled in the Mediterranean to answer any curiosity about these topics.

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