What everybody ought to Know about the charter

Below we offer the answers to typical questions that are made to us by our guests. For any other information please contact us.

What should I know before boarding?
Before boarding you really does not need to know anything in particular, the main thing is keep your appointment for your boarding.
When you’re on board we will be happy to show you our boat and provide all the necessary information.

What does the skipper?
The skipper is responsible for the conduct of the vessel,the safety of the crew, the navigation, maneuvering, the choice of routes and itineraries, ports and anchorages.

Our boat is very stable and does not seem to stimuli too much seasick, since now  very few guests have had some symptoms of seasickness. However, if you think you suffer advise you to obtain the appropriate medications, type tablets Xamamina, scopolamine patches, bracelets, etc..

The fresh water
Walkabout tanks have 650 liters of capacity and are sufficient, perhaps with a topping in mid-cruise to meet the water needs of the crew for a week. Clearly, water is a limited resource, especially on the sunny Greek islands and is a good rule not to waste it.

The toilet
The marine toilets are equipped with a manual pump which rinse the WC with seawater.
The paper and everything that you use in the bathroom will not  thrown into the WC but must be placed in special bags that everyone will throw onceashore, along with the rest of the waste.

The proposed itinerary can be changed?
The itinerary can be modified at request of the crew, if everyone agrees, and if the skipper approves. If you book the whole boat any itinerary changes may be requested at time of booking or later.
The skipper may change the itinerary in its sole discretion if the weather conditions are unfavorable and affect the course of the cruise in order to assure safety for the boat and crew.

What is the common fund?

At the beginning of the cruise each crew member pays a certain amount (eg 50 €). The amount collected will be handled directly by the participants and will be used for buyng food.

What other expenses are there in a cruise?
The harbors, fuel, water are included in a lump sum amount to be divided among the guests on board. Should be added any expenses for meals in the restaurant (in Greece spends an average of € 15-20 per head), for souvenirs etc..
In the case of cruises in Turkey there are to pay the costs of entry and exit amounting to € 230 (costs can vary) and the cost of any stops in marina, about 50-70 € per night.

Port of embarkation and disembarkation
Is the port where we meet (skipper and crew) to start the cruise. This place is chosen so that it is accessible by public transportation and is close to shops where you can buy food.
The port of disembarkation is the place where the cruise ends and where is the boarding for the next cruise.
At the time of booking we can evaluate a different port of embarkation or disembarkation.

Who works on a boat?
We are responsible for the conduct of the boat, preparing meals and cleaning the dishes.
The cleaning of bathrooms and cabins is done once a week to the change of crew

We can collaborate in the run the boat?
The cooperation is welcome and encouraged by us to let you try to all the crew the excitement of the boat conductions and to participate in the maneuvers.
For those who want, we can arrange an informal sailing school where get through all the phases of sailing, from route planning to anchoring.
Also for food preparation who wants can try to preparing meals. Typically we end up doing small cooking challenges among the crew members.

What should I pack?

Our boat is spacious but it is useless to take heavy suitcases full of things that you will not use. By no means should you use the hard suitcases that are difficult to stow.
Onboard and ashore the dress is casual.
Are highly recommended: sunglasses, hat, 2 pairs of shoes including a pair to be used only onboard, creams and medications that you regularly use.
Be careful not to overcome size and weight limits imposed by the airlines.
Do not forget to keep a little ‘space for souvenirs and any gifts. In any case aboard  we have a scale to weigh your luggage.

Linen is provided on board?

On board are provided pillows, sheets, pillowcases and blankets. No towels are provided.

Can I go on a cruise with you even if I do not have any sailing experience?
Yes, our cruises are open to all.
You will have the opportunity to try something new, exciting, in an environment conducive to friendships old and new, and, if desired, the opportunity to learn the basics of sailing.
When booking, we will tell you if the cruise for which you are enrolling is suited to your skills and experience.