crociera in barca Kastellorizo Sud Egeo Grecia

Kastellorizo ​​or Castellorosso is the last greek  outpost along the Turkish coast.

In 1991 became famous thanks to Oscar-winning movie Mediterraneo, by Gabriele Salvatores and is one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

On moor in the small harbour and on land directly between the tables of the many restaurants in the harbor front . The village is an architectural gem , and in recent years, thanks to tourism, began a restoration of the old houses . There are no cars and you move on foot or by taxi.

Along the east coast is the famous Blue Grotto . You enter through a small opening 50 cm high from to the level of the sea, then inside you find yourself in a high cave and inside the light coming from the opening radiates a fantastic shade of blue . Do not miss it !

At about 6 miles to the west is a small island called Ro . Is a military zone and in theory you could not go there , but in summer the sailing boats are tolerated. The deserted bay is a small paradise where you can see turtles and monk seals .