Crociera in barca vela a Levita Dodecaneso Grecia

Leros has more than 8,000 people, including several Italians who settled on the island. It was the naval base of the Italian navy during the occupation and Lakki (called Portolago) is an example of rationalist architecture.

On the island there are numerous place to moor:

Lakki is a large bay completely closed, you can moor at the municipal pier, anchor or go to the marina.

Xirokampos is a wide bay on the south side of the island. There are some free buoys, not safe with a strong wind, and ashore there are several good fish restaurants.

Panteli is the largest resort in the island of Leros. We are still in front of the beach with a beautiful night view of the castle and windmills lit. Ashore the classic restaurants with tables on the beach.

Archangelos is a small island on the north coast of Leros. The bay is wild and there is only a small restaurant.