Crociera in barca vela a Lipsi Dodecaneso Grecia

Lipsi is a small, sparsely populated island (about 600 inhabitants) and some sources identify it with the mythical Ogygia, the island of the nymph Calypso who welcomed Odysseus during his long journey to Ithaca.

At Lipsi you can moor in the harbor in a large pier located near the center of the small town and convenient for buyng food and visit the village that in the summer is very much alive.

In the south east coast of the island, there are a couple of safe and very beautiful anchorages.

A few miles north of Lipsi there is a group of rocks called Aspro with one of the most evocative place of the Dodecanese; cliffs and white beaches with blue seas and skies all to compose the classic postcard views.