crociera in barca vela Nisyros Dodecaneso Grecia

Nisyros is a volcanic island located south of Kos. The volcano is active, even if only with fumaroles and hot sulfur springs. The slopes of the volcano are fertile and the island is unusually green.

There are only two harbors: Mandraki and Pali.

Mandraki is used by the small ferries that connect Nisyros to Kos and sailboats are poorly tolerated. Pali is a lovely small harbour, very protected and the ideal place to leave the boat and rent a scooter to explore the island.

Do not miss a visit to the Caldera, the village of Nikka, in which there is a historical and very caracteristic square and the sunset in Emporio. Here you can dine in a tavern with a balcony that allows a breathtaking view of the caldera of the volcano. The food is great and the tavern is one of the best we know.