crociera in barca vela rodi dodecaneso grecia

Rhodes is the largest and most populous island of the Dodecanese and is the administrative capital.

Famous for the giant of the same name, which was located at the entrance of Madraki (Harbour in greek), which has been destroyed and the medieval citadel built by the Knights of Rhodes.

It ‘s very populous and tourism, has a busy airport with a constant arrival and departure of aircraft to and from the main European cities.

The place for mooring are two: Rhodes and Lindos. The marina (Mandraki) in the summer is very busy and find a mooring is a business. Usually sailboat anchor behind the harbor close to the characteristic 3 windmills.

Lindos is 25 miles from the port of Rhodes and is a beautiful bay in which you are anchored under a greek temple and a medieval castle. The visit to the Acropolis is mandatory.