crociera in barca vela symi dodecaneso grecia

Symi is the jewel of the Dodecanese. Its port is similar to Portofino with pastel-colored houses that overlook the harbor bay.

It has three safe havens: Symi harbour, Pedi and Panormitis.

The harbor is very scenic, the dock is right on the only road of Symi and at nights become very”lively” because of the nearby taverns where you can have fun all night. Because of the shape of the port, which is long and narrow, it is almost inevitable to “cross the anchor chain” with boat on the other side. So in the morning there are the classic scenes with spaghetti chains.

Pedi is the service port of Symi. Its a real fjord very protected,and from the anchorage you can see the back of the village of Symi, which is within a few minutes by bus (there is a bus every hour) or with a walk distance of 30 minutes.

Panormitis is an enclosed bay in the south of the island, famous because there is located the Panormitis monastery, which is one of the holy places of the Orthodox religion.

On the west coast of Symi there are some truly spectacular bays and is worth spending a couple of days.