Sailing holidays: how is life on board

Crociera in barca vela a isola di Gyali Dodecaneso Grecia

Daily life on a sailboat is made ​​of small things and great pleasures .

You follow the natural rhythms , you wake up ” without an alarm clock”, and the first who wakes up make coffee for everyone.

Then breakfast in the cockpit with jam and bread, greek yogurt, fruit, honey, then the first bath in the sea to awaken .

When ready, we start to navigate. If possible, the trip is broken into two parts so as to allow a stop in some nice little bay in which to bath and have a lunch with the classic Greek salad.

For navigation is not required any experience or cooperation in the management of the boat unless you want to challenge yourselves with the maneuvers or with the rudder .

Then a further sailing arriving in the bay or in the little harbour where we will spend the night . Visit to ashore with a walk or other swimmings with snorkeling or just bake in the sun to enjoy the view or read a book.

At sunset, cockpit shower and then we prepare ourselves for the evening with an aperitif .

So if we are ashore we will have dinner in the typical Greek taverns. If instead we are anchored in a desert bay  we will prepare some tasty Italian food.