The choice of routes is dictated by weather conditions and from our experience that makes us choose the places to visit in order to have the best possible weather conditions.

The Aegean sea in summer is characterized by a wind called Meltemi . This wind blows from the northwest , with slight variations during the day, and can blow very strong . The months in which it is prevalent are July and August.

From 10 May to 14 June  
Dodecanese north or south.
Coastal navigation, often upwind , but sheltered by the islands. In this period the Meltemi usually is not yet stabilized and are not rare variable winds in direction and intensity.

From May 24 to July 12 
From Dodecanese to Cyclades and return.
Routes with stretches of navigation on the high seas , ideal for those who want to get a little  boating experience . In this period the establishment Meltemi starts but it should not be at its maximum.

Cruise among the islands of the Small Cyclades and Western Cyclades.

From 12 July to 6 September

Dodecanese North and South

This is the period of the Meltemi . The navigation starts to become problematic in the Aegean and is best to move to the Dodecanese, where the wind is less strong and the sea is never too big .

From 6 September to 20September 

From Dodecanese to the Cyclades

A cruise offshore, ideal for those who want to get  some sailing experience. In this period the Meltemi should start to decline from the peak in August.

Then a cruise among the islands of the Small Cyclades, that at the end of the season are uncrowded.

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