Kalymnos is located a few miles north of Kos and is famous as the island of the sponge divers. The island’s capital is Ponthia built around its port has an active island character. For a pleasant diversion from the life … Continue reading


Nisyros is a volcanic island located south of Kos. The volcano is active, even if only with fumaroles and hot sulfur springs. The slopes of the volcano are fertile and the island is unusually green. There are only two harbors: Mandraki … Continue reading


Alimia or Alinnia is a deserted island located a few miles north east of Chalki. It was a military base during the Italian occupation and in the main bay there are the remains  of the barracks, a church and some … Continue reading


Agathonisi,  is the northernmost island of Dodecanese, it is very dry (his name means island of thorns) and inhabited in addition to the goats, by 160 people. On moor in the small harbor in the bay of St. George. Near … Continue reading


Arki or Arkoi is a small fishing island inhabited exclusively in the area the small harbor and has only 40 inhabitants and 4 tavernas. There are no shops. On moor in the small port or in one of the two bays … Continue reading


  Gyali is a small volcanic island located between Kos and Nisyros. The island is a large pumice quarry in the open and is inhabited only by some workers of the quarry. You anchorr on the right side of the … Continue reading


Chalki or Halki is located in front of the west coast of Rhodes. It is a very bleak island but its harbor is a small gem with pastel-colored houses that embrace the bay. In the village there is a magical … Continue reading


Kastellorizo ​​or Castellorosso is the last greek  outpost along the Turkish coast. In 1991 became famous thanks to Oscar-winning movie Mediterraneo, by Gabriele Salvatores and is one of the most beautiful Greek islands. On moor in the small harbour and on land directly between … Continue reading


Kos is the second largest island of the Dodecanese island famous for being the birthplace of Hipporate, the father of medicine. It ‘one of our ports of embarkation and has a busy airport. We embark in Kos Town and Kardamena. … Continue reading


Leros has more than 8,000 people, including several Italians who settled on the island. It was the naval base of the Italian navy during the occupation and Lakki (called Portolago) is an example of rationalist architecture. On the island there … Continue reading


Levitha is a small island located in the Aegean sea between Paros and Leros. It is inhabited by a single family who raises goats and manages a rustic tavern. On the south side of the island there is a sheltered … Continue reading


Lipsi is a small, sparsely populated island (about 600 inhabitants) and some sources identify it with the mythical Ogygia, the island of the nymph Calypso who welcomed Odysseus during his long journey to Ithaca. At Lipsi you can moor in … Continue reading


Milos is usually the first Aegean island you meet coming from the Peloponnese. Is a volcanic island and the large bay that penetrates to the center of the island is the flooded caldera of the volcano. Characteristic is the white Chora overlooking the bay … Continue reading


Patmos is famous for its Chora, the upper town built around the Monastery of St. John, which dominates the entire island. The port of Skala offers a long dock to moor. The dock is on the beam with respect to … Continue reading


Rhodes is the largest and most populous island of the Dodecanese and is the administrative capital. Famous for the giant of the same name, which was located at the entrance of Madraki (Harbour in greek), which has been destroyed and … Continue reading


Samos is large and populous island situated north of the Dodecanese famous for being the birthplace of Pythagoras and Epicurus. And ‘separate from Anatolia (Turkey) by a narrow channel about a mile wide. Although it is mainly mountainous, Samos has … Continue reading


Symi is the jewel of the Dodecanese. Its port is similar to Portofino with pastel-colored houses that overlook the harbor bay. It has three safe havens: Symi harbour, Pedi and Panormitis. The harbor is very scenic, the dock is right … Continue reading

tilos Island

Tilos island is very rocky and sparsely inhabited, about 500 inhabitants. In the 70 were found in a cave the remains of dwarf elephants that lived on the island, died in 4500 BC seems due to a Tsounami. There are … Continue reading